Monday, 18 July 2011

Brother Zahariel

The 5th member of Kill Team Epsilon written by it's player, Brother Zahariel.


Data File: Long-range transmission 0/982/Inq/ΣⅦ
Captain Brastus To Watch Captain Servais
Subject: Re Kill Team Epsilon, Brother Zahariel

Kill Team Epsilon, Non-Ranking Member.

Name: Darek Zahariel

Chapter: Shadow Hunters

History: The marine known as Zahariel is one of the few remaining marines of the Shadow Hunters chapter (Closely allied to their founders the Dark Angels). Following the disastrous and costly early years of the Serpent Wars he rose to prominence. His natural intelligence made him the perfect candidate to receive advanced medical training and thus was he inducted into the ranks of the Apothecary. As a trusted Apothecary of the chapter Zahariel sought to help his stricken brotherhood return from the brink of extinction, a duty he carried out with all the due diligence and care expected of the Emperors finest. As a healer it is perhaps ironic that Zahariel's true talents lie in the art of war. A swordsman of great skill Zahariel was always found in the thick of the fighting before his secondment to the ranks of the Deathwatch.

While most come to the watch out of honour, for Zahariel, it is penance. His clinical and clean nature combined with a somewhat pious demeanour would be the cause of his folly. Seeing only his brothers, those of his primogenitors ilk and of course the Emperor himself as pure he was quick to suspect and act upon taint. Unfortunately he often confused cowardice for corruption. Cowardice in space marines is something unheard of, yet in the Imperial Guard it is all too common.

During the final years of the initial Serpent Wars Zahariel was present as part of his commanders (Captain Azriah 2nd Company) retinue at a council of war. An Imperial Field Marshall, by a name since expunged following his summary execution, had called a full scale retreat mere hours before his forces were set to reinforce the Shadow Hunters who had launched an offensive earlier that day, this retreat left the already crippled chapters marines cut off amongst a horde of Dark Eldar. Zahariel upon hearing of this drew his bolt pistol, levelling it directly at the head of [Name Removed by Inquisitorial Order]. It was only his captain’s quick actions which prevented bloodshed, however the outrage caused at such a threat was too great to be ignored. Following the conclusion of the campaign Azriah ordered Zahariel to the Deathwatch and that should he survive his trials by the fire of combat, he will be welcomed back into his chapter.

Demeanour: While all the sons of Lion El’Johnson are naturally suspicious and believe themselves pure, these traits manifest themselves perhaps stronger than most in Brother Zahariel. Paranoid, Zahariel is slow to trust any outside of his chapter; this mistrust is often seen as outright hostility as true to his primogenitors legacy. Zahariel is somewhat hard pressed when dealing with people, his distaste for humans began during the serpent wars and time has only reinforced his stance. Should a human come between him and his goals, they will meet the sharp edge of his blade. The second aspect of Zahariel which shows most often is his pious nature. Believing in upholding the honour of the Emperor and the Lion above all else Zahariel is often one of the first into the fray, seeking to cleanse the tainted with the fury only the sons of the Lion could bare. Before his sanctioning to the Deathwatch it was rumoured that the Chaplains wished to induct him into their ranks as an interrogator.

Weapons: Brother Zahariel has recently taken to carrying a Power Sword with him into battle to as he now feels like he has at least earned the right to bear the first of his original items of war gear once more. He also carries a Bolter and Bolt Pistol as well as a Ceremonial sword of his chapter. Before joining the Deathwatch Zahariel carried a Plasma pistol named in honour of a fallen brother.

Armour: Zahariel goes to war bedecked in MK6 battle plate, his suit had once been destroyed in an ancient conflict, yet lovingly rebuilt by the chapters Techmarines the suit now offers better protection than ever before except upon the right leg, which much to his chagrin has never been improved regardless of the skill of the artificer seeing to his suit. Upon his right arm is the blood of Brother Makradon, the Shadow Hunters 2nd company banner bearer, a hero who fell only after defeating an entire squad of elite Incubi in defence of his captain. The blood upon Zahriel's arm is a reminder of the greatness he must strive to emulate.

//Servitor Scribe 4728947// Watch-Fortress Erioch/ Jericho Reach/
/Purge the Alien/


Thursday, 14 July 2011

Brother Ansum

The 4th member of Kill Team Epsilon written by its player. Brother Ansum.


Data File: Long-range transmission 0/982/Inq/ΣⅦ
Captain Brastus To Watch Captain Servais
Subject: Re Kill Team Epsilon, Brother Ansum

Kill Team Epsilon, Non-Ranking Member.

Name: Eckart Ansum

Chapter: Black Templars

History: Brother Ansum is a young Astartes who has already earned many honours fighting the foes of the enemy on the field of battle. He is a veteran of the Armageddon Crusade during which he was only a lowly neophyte. Ansum earned his Power Armour during the crusade after fighting alongside Castellan Malathir at the battle for Hive Infernus during which his mentor Initiate Erias was killed by an Ork Kommando unit during a raid of one of The God Emperors cathedral’s. Swearing revenge the newly promoted Brother Ansum hastily left the cathedral stronghold on a plume of smoke & fire from his jump pack and proceeded to hunt down the Orks responsible for his masters death much to the chagrin of Castellan Malathir. Three days later he returned bloody but unbroken bearing the heads of the Orks.

The act of revenge left Catellan Malathir conflicted as to the punishment Brother Ansum should receive; on one hand he had disobeyed a direct order, but on the other, he had single handedly hunted down and destroyed an elite Ork scout unit. Following days of meditation the decision was made to annex Brother Ansum to the Deathwatch where his undoubtable skill could be used to benefit the Imperium while instilling a greater patience to the young Marine.

Demeanour: Like all of his chapter Brother Ansum is a zealous warrior believing that the only way to live is in service to the God Emperor through the rigours of battle and near constant praying and self flagellation when not smiting the foes of the Emperor. Due to his age he is hot blooded to the point of recklessness, on many occasions acting before thinking about the potential danger to himself and the others within the kill team. The combination of his hot blooded attitude and zealous nature has meant that Brother Ansum has spent a great deal of time within the medicae facilities of the Strike Cruiser ‘Spear of Fury’ due to rashly taking the fight to the enemy without considering the implications.

Weapons: Brother Ansum carries into battle a bolt pistol and power sword regularly supplemented with a large number of explosives and a flamer which he uses to bring cleansing fire to the enemies of the Imperium.

Armour: A fine suit of Mark VII plate previously worn into battle by Marshall Vanrich during the ultimately doomed Kaggerath Crusade during which nearly the entirety of Marshall’s crusade force was destroyed and the Marshall himself mortally wounded. The armour has since been repaired and consecrated but the stain of dishonour and shame still remains within the armour’s plates.

//Servitor Scribe 4728947// Watch-Fortress Erioch/ Jericho Reach/
/Purge the Alien/


Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Brother Claton

Our third member of the Kill Team Epsilon again written by it's player. Brother Claton.


Data File: long-range transmission 0/223/Inq/7a
Captain Brastus To Watch Captain Servais
Subject: Re Kill Team Epsilon, Brother Claton Rafen

Kill Team Epsilon, Librarian, Codicier.

Name: Claton Rafen

Chapter: Death Paladins

History: The Death Paladins are known for their crusade against the Orks that were wreaking havoc around the Armageddon sector. Though they are from Blood Angel genus they have not been known to show the same rage as their Progenitors. Picked from the ranks of the other neophytes for his latent psychic talent he joined the brotherhood of Librarians. Influenced mostly by the Chief Librarian at the time and learning the tools of his trade on Armageddon, his lust for battle and his mentors teachings came to the fore and made Claton into a powerful being.
When his Chapters due to the sector was fulfilled he was sent back to the Chapters home world to see the high council. They gave word that his efforts on Armageddon were being rewarded by being seconded to the Inquisitions Astartes arm the Deathwatch. He was proud of this position as it meant he had a greater opportunity to save the inhabitants of the Emperors worlds and bring back more knowledge to his chapter.

Demeanour: Like others in Kill Team Epsilon Brother Claton believes in saving humans he comes into contact with, even if this means coming to blows with the more zealous of his comrades. He often forgoes the immense power he has at his disposal, guarding himself against the warp energies, leashing his power so that he does not loose control and hurt the same humans he is trying to save.

Weapons: True to his calling as a Librarian he carries his badge of office in the form of a long Force Sword. As standard he also carries both Bolt Pistol and Boltgun.

Armour: Brother Claton has a rather battered suit of MK 7 Power Armour. Although our Forge Master has offered on several occasions to refurbish his armour he has declined their requests, as he believes it strikes fear into those enemies that come into contact with it.

//Servitor Scribe 557694// Watch-Fortress Erioch/ Jericho Reach//Kill the heretic/


Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Brother Mortis

Our second member of Kill Team Epsilon written by the player. Brother Mortis.


Brother Mortis - Personnel file 12df3rv465 (Amended)

Name : Garrett 'G' Mortis

Chapter : Night Reapers, 2nd Company.

Speciality : Techmarine.

History : Served with distinction in campaigns against both Eldar pirates and their more sadistic counterparts (known as 'Dark' Eldar) in the local sectors around the Night Reapers home system of Arcturus for several decades before his almost innate knowledge of technology and machine spirits came to the attention of his companies Techmarines. After suitability testing and basic training Brother Mortis was sent to Mars to be brought fully into the mysteries of the Adeptus Mechanicus by it's foremost practitioners on the Red Planet. On return to the Night Reapers home world of Arcturus Prime 'Techmarine' Mortis was re-inducted into the ranks of his brothers.

Though his new found knowledge and perceived dual loyalties would have distanced him from his comrades in other chapters, his own brother Marines had little or no prejudices against either knowledge or technology and welcomed him back without any doubts. Though his duties often keep him out of direct physical confrontations he has continued to serve in war zones in a dozen sectors against a myriad of threats amongst both the Heretic and the Xenos. As such he was found to be an ideal candidate for inclusion in the latest batch of Deathwatch recruits as support personnel for an appropriate Kill Team.

Demeanour : Brother Mortis is extremely calculating in all situations, an attitude which can occasionally result in delays in action as he contemplates all possible outcomes of any situation before acting. However once a decision is made there are remarkably few technical or mechanical issues capable of slowing his progress for too long. Most followers of the Machine God hold organic systems as being less efficient than their mechanical counterparts and Brother Mortis takes this attitude to it's logical conclusion. Whereas many followers of the Cult of the Machine take many centuries to completely eradicate the inferior organic parts of themselves Brother Mortis appears to attempt to expedite this process at any opportunity. He will generally attempt to avoid close combat in favour of destroying enemies at range with overwhelming fire-power, this is apparently common amongst members of the Night Reapers 2nd company though this is yet to be verified. He seems to fit well into a group with a defined command structure though has a tendency to default to his own personal mission objectives when adequate leadership is absent.

Addendum : His interest in Archeotech and Xenos technology and a perceived lack of patience with what he apparently describes as 'pointless bickering' can occasionally result in what can only be described as 'wandering off' . This behaviour has yet to cause any issues but will require some observation. The aforementioned tendency towards the avoidance of close combat must not be mistaken for cowardice in any form as he is more often than not the first Marine to take damage in a situation due to his forward position in the units formation as a consequence of his duties removing both technological and mechanical obstructions from the teams path.

Weapons : Brother Mortis is armed with the standard equipment of his speciality consisting of a Bolt Gun, Bolt Pistol, Combat Knife and of course his Servo arm and usually requisitions an Auspex, Combi-Tool and Multi-Key before each mission.

Addendum : Due to a recent Bionic upgrade Brother Mortis no longer requires an external Auspex as his in-built auger Array duplicates all its functions. He has also rebuilt and reconsecrated a heretics Twin-Linked Bolter into a configuration comparable to a Storm Bolter which has now become his principle weapon. Additionally due to several incidents of weapon jams amongst his Brothers in critical situations he now often requisitions sacred unguents in order to ritually bless the weapons of his Kill Team before important missions.

Armour : He utilises a suit of Mark 8 Errant Armour apparently gifted to him by one of the Forge Masters of his own chapter.

Addendum : It has been noted that this suit of Power Armour seems to have slightly weaker armour plating in the area of the arms than would normally be expected for a suit of Mark 8 armour, though this is apparently somewhat mitigated by a significant increase in strength over the norm.


Sunday, 10 July 2011

Brother Magron

So our Deathwatch game didn't run this Saturday. In place of the usual mission log, the players have been tasked with writing up their characters backgrounds. Here is the first, Brother Magron.

Data File: long range transmission 0/223/Inq/6a
Captain Brastus To Watch Captain Servais
Subject: Re Kill Team Epsilon, Brother Magron

Upon your instruction brother I have kept a close eye on the kill team as they have undertaken their first few missions. As a member of your own chapter I know you've taken a special interest in Brother Magron so enclosed is his personal file updated from what I've seen and heard from the teams communication.

Kill Team Epsilon, Non- Ranking Member.

Name: Magron Davaal

Chapter: Raven Guard

History: A veteran of Shadow Captain Shrike's 'hit and run' campaign against the Orks on Targus VIII, then Sgt Magron became a great leader after seeing his squad wiped out and being forced to lead a squad of scouts and squad-less marines separated even from his captain's isolated band. During this time not only Magron's leadership but his abilities in stealth and tracking increased to leave him a prime example of the "Son's of Corax's" combat doctrine. When rediscovered by the main Raven guard force the 12 marines and scouts under his command all swore a vow of loyalty to Magron for saving their lives.

Chapter Master Corrar himself recommended Magron's secondment to the Deathwatch who hoped the extreme experience would bring out the natural skill he saw, and since then he has been proven right as Magron has stepped forward to become a pseudo leader to the newly formed team.

Demeanour; Brother Magron works and communicates well with other Astartes but like many of his chapter sees humans as tools to be used for labour and combat rather than the denizens of the Imperium he was created to protect, but will endeavour to find some use for those humans in his presence.

Weapons: True to his chapter Magron uses a stealth pattern Stalker Boltgun, and carries a power knife and Bolt Pistol into battle.

Armour: A relic of an older time, Magron's armour once belonged to legendary Shadow Captain Paasv of the Raven Guard and still carries the stains of his blood after he died fighting an Ork "Kommando". Recently brother Magron has also taken to wearing a Camocloak.

//Servtor Scribe 557693// Watch-Fortress Erioch/ Jericho Reach/
/Purge the Alien/

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Pilgrim's Loss; Parut


Ship Captain Brastus, final log before Tyranid attack.

Kill Team Epsilon were briefed by myself and an Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos. The situation is grave. Hive Fleet Dagon descends upon the worlds of the Jericho Reach systems. The Spear Of Fury is currently on route to help fight off the main organisms of the Hive Fleet.

Kill Team Epsilon have been dispatched to the world 'Pilgrim's loss'. There they will defend the planet from Tyranid invasion and help to protect the population and facilities from being lost. Their first objective is to protect the city of Parut from Tyranid attack. Protect it's walls, protect it's populace and stonewall the Tyranids for as long as possible if not indefinitely. Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Venus and her retinue also need to be protected by the Kill Team.

The last vox transmission received told that the team had touched down and linked up with other forces on the ground.

The Spear Of Fury has taken it's place in the defensive cordon. The Hive approaches..... By Dorn's fist it's immense..... Power to all guns..... Brastus out---


---Brother Captain Wrax of the Novamarines 3rd Company/Parut/Command Bunker/

Parut. They call it 'The Cube'. An ice world to be defended, perhaps if a stand is made we can funnel all the Tyranid resources into this world. Though through this we must be careful that the facilities on this world are not lost.

A Deathwatch kill team has been sent to aid in our defence of Parut, and i believe another has been sent to aid my Brothers at the gene vaults. The troubling part is that they are accompanied by an Inquisitor. Venus and her retinue, here to assist in the fight so they say. My experience with Inquisitors is that there is always another agenda.

The 'Pilgrims', the Imperial Guard regiment of this world seem competent enough, if not a little simple. We have set up emplacements, and bolstered the walls and doors as best we can.

Kill Team Epsilon led by Brother Magron discovered the first vanguard creatures already within the city. Although it has to be said that tact does not appear to be the teams strong point as Brother Ansum nearly incited a city wide panic. Lictors attacked their team nearly incapacitating Brother Ansum immediately. Once aware of the situation Hybrids were discovered and have since been cleansed from the city as best we can tell with the help of the Kill Team. Now we wait. They are coming.




Kill Team Epsilon made sure the defences were prepared, and split the Novamarines heaviest armour elements between the two gates; 3 Dreadnoughts and a Land Raider. The team itself was utilising it's Razorback to act as a rapid response force to any spore pods that fell within the city during the first wave of attacks.

And fall they did. Termagaunts, Hormagaunts and Genestealers primarily hammered down into the city cocooned inside their organic pods. The kill team encountered one such pod after it crashed into the Chapel. Borther Mortis pulled off a fantastic maneuver by all accounts. Heavy Boltering the doors open before bringing the Razorback sliding round, the rear door slamming down before the team poured into the Chapel full of both civilians and Termagaunts. As the team took out the Xenos, Brother Ansum soared in through the ceiling and put himself between the Priest and the shot that would have taken his life. Clearing the Chapel the team received a distress call from me.

We were under attack from groups of Termagaunts and Hormagaunts. My own retinue supported by a Squad of Novamarines. My Archivist and Mago Biologis locked inside the Barracks working. Uval and Tavish defending me, with Lily finding a suitable nest to operate from. The kill team arrived in their Razorback, guns blazing as they deployed from the vehicle. Brother Mortis remaining inside to operate the hull mounted Heavy Bolters. The small Xenos were no match for a concentrated attack from both sides.

Things went downhill from there. Three Lictors dropped from above, killing a Novamarine and attacking another. The fighting that followed was brutal, with Brother Zaharial having a talon punched clean through the meat of his shoulder. But with accurate fire and Bolter drills being recited by Magron these ghastly creatures were taken down. As the last Lictor fell a group of Genestealers led by a Broodlord was detected.

Using all available cover the Kill Team prepared for the imminent attack. Tearing through the chain link fences the Stealers burst into the compound immediately taking fire as they leapt at the team and the Novamarines. Another Novamarine was torn apart by a Genestealer. Brothers Marcus and Mortis hammered the Genestealers with Heavy Bolter fire. Brother Magron avenged the Novamarine as he carefully blew off the Stealers head. The Broodlord charged the Razorback attempting to tear a hole in the side to reach Mortis and the rescued priest inside. Brothers Claton and Zaharial poured fire over the Xenos beast with both psychic and physical flames. Gradually the Broodlord was taken apart piece by piece. In the meantime Brother Ansum was dueling a Genestealer, and he was loosing to it's lightning speed. His face scarred as his head was nearly taken clean off were it not for a single rifle round as Lily parted the Genestealers spine from about half a mile away.

With our small conflict over reports of attacks were coming in from across the city. The defences were not yet breached, the walls and gates had held the initial wave, but we all knew worse was to come.

Also as a humorous side note apparently Brother Ansum has had a nickname bestowed upon him by his Brothers. Despite his new facial scarring he is, Ansum 'the handsome'. It is supposed to be ironic, and i thought Astartes were devoid of humour.

Inquisitor Venus signing out---

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Castiel's Fate

---Ship Captain Brastus of the Deathwatch

Kill Team Epsilon have returned from the surface. After discussing Castiel in length it was called for just one continent to be exterminated with surgical strikes.

Using the Spear Of Fury's guns we destroyed the northern continent. Obliterating the corrupted mining facility.

Whether this was the best course of action will become apparent over time. Let us hope that the rest of the planet, and Castus city are now free of any taint. And that there will be no ill effects from the veil being rendered thin after the summoning that took place.

External Guard forces will be stationed upon this Castiel and the watch station will be rebuilt. If there is a taint it should become apparent to one of the many organisations now carefully watching Castiel.

Brastus out.---