Thursday, 14 July 2011

Brother Ansum

The 4th member of Kill Team Epsilon written by its player. Brother Ansum.


Data File: Long-range transmission 0/982/Inq/ΣⅦ
Captain Brastus To Watch Captain Servais
Subject: Re Kill Team Epsilon, Brother Ansum

Kill Team Epsilon, Non-Ranking Member.

Name: Eckart Ansum

Chapter: Black Templars

History: Brother Ansum is a young Astartes who has already earned many honours fighting the foes of the enemy on the field of battle. He is a veteran of the Armageddon Crusade during which he was only a lowly neophyte. Ansum earned his Power Armour during the crusade after fighting alongside Castellan Malathir at the battle for Hive Infernus during which his mentor Initiate Erias was killed by an Ork Kommando unit during a raid of one of The God Emperors cathedral’s. Swearing revenge the newly promoted Brother Ansum hastily left the cathedral stronghold on a plume of smoke & fire from his jump pack and proceeded to hunt down the Orks responsible for his masters death much to the chagrin of Castellan Malathir. Three days later he returned bloody but unbroken bearing the heads of the Orks.

The act of revenge left Catellan Malathir conflicted as to the punishment Brother Ansum should receive; on one hand he had disobeyed a direct order, but on the other, he had single handedly hunted down and destroyed an elite Ork scout unit. Following days of meditation the decision was made to annex Brother Ansum to the Deathwatch where his undoubtable skill could be used to benefit the Imperium while instilling a greater patience to the young Marine.

Demeanour: Like all of his chapter Brother Ansum is a zealous warrior believing that the only way to live is in service to the God Emperor through the rigours of battle and near constant praying and self flagellation when not smiting the foes of the Emperor. Due to his age he is hot blooded to the point of recklessness, on many occasions acting before thinking about the potential danger to himself and the others within the kill team. The combination of his hot blooded attitude and zealous nature has meant that Brother Ansum has spent a great deal of time within the medicae facilities of the Strike Cruiser ‘Spear of Fury’ due to rashly taking the fight to the enemy without considering the implications.

Weapons: Brother Ansum carries into battle a bolt pistol and power sword regularly supplemented with a large number of explosives and a flamer which he uses to bring cleansing fire to the enemies of the Imperium.

Armour: A fine suit of Mark VII plate previously worn into battle by Marshall Vanrich during the ultimately doomed Kaggerath Crusade during which nearly the entirety of Marshall’s crusade force was destroyed and the Marshall himself mortally wounded. The armour has since been repaired and consecrated but the stain of dishonour and shame still remains within the armour’s plates.

//Servitor Scribe 4728947// Watch-Fortress Erioch/ Jericho Reach/
/Purge the Alien/



  1. finally we can bond over out hate of ork kommandos and lament our mentors!

  2. "Anger is a gift"

    From the writings of the infamous Ministorum Priest 'Zach de la Rocha'.