Monday, 18 July 2011

Brother Zahariel

The 5th member of Kill Team Epsilon written by it's player, Brother Zahariel.


Data File: Long-range transmission 0/982/Inq/ΣⅦ
Captain Brastus To Watch Captain Servais
Subject: Re Kill Team Epsilon, Brother Zahariel

Kill Team Epsilon, Non-Ranking Member.

Name: Darek Zahariel

Chapter: Shadow Hunters

History: The marine known as Zahariel is one of the few remaining marines of the Shadow Hunters chapter (Closely allied to their founders the Dark Angels). Following the disastrous and costly early years of the Serpent Wars he rose to prominence. His natural intelligence made him the perfect candidate to receive advanced medical training and thus was he inducted into the ranks of the Apothecary. As a trusted Apothecary of the chapter Zahariel sought to help his stricken brotherhood return from the brink of extinction, a duty he carried out with all the due diligence and care expected of the Emperors finest. As a healer it is perhaps ironic that Zahariel's true talents lie in the art of war. A swordsman of great skill Zahariel was always found in the thick of the fighting before his secondment to the ranks of the Deathwatch.

While most come to the watch out of honour, for Zahariel, it is penance. His clinical and clean nature combined with a somewhat pious demeanour would be the cause of his folly. Seeing only his brothers, those of his primogenitors ilk and of course the Emperor himself as pure he was quick to suspect and act upon taint. Unfortunately he often confused cowardice for corruption. Cowardice in space marines is something unheard of, yet in the Imperial Guard it is all too common.

During the final years of the initial Serpent Wars Zahariel was present as part of his commanders (Captain Azriah 2nd Company) retinue at a council of war. An Imperial Field Marshall, by a name since expunged following his summary execution, had called a full scale retreat mere hours before his forces were set to reinforce the Shadow Hunters who had launched an offensive earlier that day, this retreat left the already crippled chapters marines cut off amongst a horde of Dark Eldar. Zahariel upon hearing of this drew his bolt pistol, levelling it directly at the head of [Name Removed by Inquisitorial Order]. It was only his captain’s quick actions which prevented bloodshed, however the outrage caused at such a threat was too great to be ignored. Following the conclusion of the campaign Azriah ordered Zahariel to the Deathwatch and that should he survive his trials by the fire of combat, he will be welcomed back into his chapter.

Demeanour: While all the sons of Lion El’Johnson are naturally suspicious and believe themselves pure, these traits manifest themselves perhaps stronger than most in Brother Zahariel. Paranoid, Zahariel is slow to trust any outside of his chapter; this mistrust is often seen as outright hostility as true to his primogenitors legacy. Zahariel is somewhat hard pressed when dealing with people, his distaste for humans began during the serpent wars and time has only reinforced his stance. Should a human come between him and his goals, they will meet the sharp edge of his blade. The second aspect of Zahariel which shows most often is his pious nature. Believing in upholding the honour of the Emperor and the Lion above all else Zahariel is often one of the first into the fray, seeking to cleanse the tainted with the fury only the sons of the Lion could bare. Before his sanctioning to the Deathwatch it was rumoured that the Chaplains wished to induct him into their ranks as an interrogator.

Weapons: Brother Zahariel has recently taken to carrying a Power Sword with him into battle to as he now feels like he has at least earned the right to bear the first of his original items of war gear once more. He also carries a Bolter and Bolt Pistol as well as a Ceremonial sword of his chapter. Before joining the Deathwatch Zahariel carried a Plasma pistol named in honour of a fallen brother.

Armour: Zahariel goes to war bedecked in MK6 battle plate, his suit had once been destroyed in an ancient conflict, yet lovingly rebuilt by the chapters Techmarines the suit now offers better protection than ever before except upon the right leg, which much to his chagrin has never been improved regardless of the skill of the artificer seeing to his suit. Upon his right arm is the blood of Brother Makradon, the Shadow Hunters 2nd company banner bearer, a hero who fell only after defeating an entire squad of elite Incubi in defence of his captain. The blood upon Zahriel's arm is a reminder of the greatness he must strive to emulate.

//Servitor Scribe 4728947// Watch-Fortress Erioch/ Jericho Reach/
/Purge the Alien/



  1. I didn't realise being sent to the Deathwatch was a punishment, I thought it was meant to be an honour.....

    *Brother Mortis, tries to remember if he annoyed his Captain in any way just before his transfer*

  2. @gmort usually but mr Jimmys been v clever as his chapter seems to be wiped out.

    if so then people stay in the DW usually as a kill marine or black sheild.

    I have a feeling we may see some awesome solo missions or personnal missions in the future due to our backgrounds.

  3. @ Citizenwilliams - I've been hinting at Flello to arrange some solo missions as my 'old' GM used to do them periodically and there a nice change of pace.

    Magron is ideal for a sneaky assassination job and Ansum is perfect for a completely un-sneaky one, perhaps in some hive world spire that only a person with a Jump Pack could get too successfully (or some similar plot device). Mortis could be ordered to accompany a group of Magi to assist in finding some ancient weapon or artifact, or Zahariel could be given an equivalent mission to keep some VIP alive, etc.

    As our normal missions inevitable involve us having to make compromises to accommodate everyone in the team 'solo' missions are a great opportunity to let your character get on with his particular speciality. Hopefully Flello will be able to find the spare time ;-)

    They don't even need to have spectacular rewards for doing them, though our GM for 'Vampire' sometimes used to make us do them in order to 'earn' items and abilities that we were nagging for, lol.

  4. N.B. Kill Team Epsillon are still active on the world of pilgrims loss.

    They have taken down many a large nid and evacuated the cube for a geneseed facility.