Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Apologies And Future Plans

Lack Of Posts

You may have noticed after a fairly regular update on Kill Team Epsilons missions I stopped posting them. My reason behind this is simple. It became tedious for me and i was loosing a bit of passion for the game, as I was writing the mission in the first place, taking the kill team through playing the mission and then writing up a mission report afterwards meant i was going through it 3 times. Anyway I apologise for the lack of posts.

Posts For The Future

Our Deathwatch group and Kill Team Epsilon have still been going strong, so i will post up squad updates, brief summaries of the Kill Teams status, fame and skills. Alongside the odd article about playing Deathwatch, GMing Deathwatch, the system and it's rules.

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  1. Cool. I think I'll carry on doing my own Deathwatch articles regardless though as they make a bit of a change from the usual 40K stuff.