Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Epsilons Mission Update

The Team Was On Parut

On the blog Kill Team Epsilons last report was from the city of Parut on Pilgrim's Loss. The team were defending the city from a Tyranid invasion, forces raining down around them and the other defenders.

Shield Tower

Having just saved the Inquisitor their next task was to secure a shield tower. The tower itself generated a weak energy field designed only to keep out the worst of the snow protecting the humans within. That being said, the spores that were settling across the planet and working on transforming it's surface were being held from drifting into the city by this 'shield'. The team ascended the tower swiftly battling Gargoyles and Shrikes. Brother Claton, Kill Team Epsilons Librarian disgraced himself and his chapter during this assault. Killing a Brother Novamarine, burning him with psychic flame whilst trying to target Xenos. The tower was secured and Brother Claton was reprimanded for his carelessness.

North Gate

Holding the Northern Gate became Kill Team Epsilons duty which they did so easily from the walls above it. Hordes of small Xenos succumbing to the withering hails of Bolter fire. That was until faced with a charging Carnifex. The Carnifex made it through the rain of shells to ram the gate, smashing through it. Most of the team went to ground level to fight it with a couple staying on the walls to deter the Zoanthropes in the distance approaching. The Carnifex bit Uval (one of the Inquisitors retinue) in two, before being charged by Brother Ansum. Brother Magron in the meantime found the wall he was standing on decimated by a Zoanthropes Warp Lance and (taking advantage of his turn being next, his acrobatics skill and cinematic value) flipped from the wall landing upon the back of the Carnifex and ending it with a Bolter shell to the back of the head and rode it to the ground. The Kill Team held off the attack and secured the gate.

Gene Seed Facility

The Kill Team and Inquisitor (and co) flew across planet on their Thunderhawk 'Reign Of Fire' to an underground Gene Seed Facility held by Novamarines and besieged by Xenos. Entering the facility by a concealed secondary entrance the Kill Team meet with the so far elusive Kill Team Theta. The plan was to use the facilities here to create a Genophage and have Kill Team Theta deliver it into the bowels of a major Hive ship. Kill Team Epsilons role here was to capture a live specimen to test the Genophage upon, Preferably a synapse creature (I have to say at this point i thought, it'll be easy for them. Leap out of a Thunderhawk onto a warrior, beat it up and drag it back while keeping the hordes at bay. Turns out thats not how it went). Epsilon split into 2 teams one group distracting the Xenos, the other trying to disable one with precise fire. This method ended up with a few dead warriors and a divided Kill Team trying to withdraw. Plan B was to fly over in the Thunderhawk and using Grapples and Webbers to snare one of the xenos. Eventually the Kill Team caught one of the Tyranids, but only at the cost of Brothers Ansum and Zaharial who were lost to a Carnifex and a Horde of Nids respectively. Magos Biologis Dravaar of the Inquisitor's retinue created the Genophage.


Brother Ansum, Assault Marine of the Black Templars and Brother Zahariel, Apothecary of the Dark Angels were both lost in the endless war against the Xenos. Kill Team Theta had recently acquired new Deathwatch members to their own Kill Team and so used them to reinforce Epsilon. Thus Kill Team Epsilon acquired Brother Ricimer, Apothecary and Black Shield and Brother Korvan, Assault Marine of the Raven Guard.


Both Kill Teams and the Inquisitor (& co) travelled to a launch site with 3 small rapid strike vessels capable of delivering a Kill Team onto a Hive Ship. Kill Team Theta (now a 5 man squad) took 2 of the ships to strike at a large Hive Ship. Epsilon just had to wait for Theta to check in... or not to. In the mean time the team were attacked by Genestealers. They were divided and almost overwhelmed. The Archivist Core was killed and Inquisitor Venus was eviscerated by a Genestealer. At which point it transpired that Venus was only the Interrogator and The Inquisitor was in fact Lily and was using Venus as a cover. It was further revealed that a member of Epsilons following (a priest)was an agent of the Ordo Hereticus and his master had a feud with Inquisitor Lily. Epsilon stayed true to the Ordo Xenos and protected her at the cost of angering the Ordo Hereticus.

Assault On The Hive Ship

Kill Team Theta failed to check in, so Kill Team Epsilon took the last of the Genophage and the last ship to assault the Hive Ship. Epsilon fought their way through various challenges and enemies upon the Hive Ship (hordes of endless enemies, acid pools, depressurisation) in order to plant a Genophage Dispenser within the ships Biomass Conversion Chamber and upon the Hive ships central cortex. 2 members of Kill Team Theta were found dead by Epsilon and a 3rd sacrificed himself to destroy a mighty Hive Tyrant. The Kill Team made it through and escaped from the Hive Ship in time to assist with the evacuation of Parut and the subsequent withdrawal of all forces from the ongoing Naval conflict.

Parut Aftermath

The Genophage was successfully delivered and deployed, but served only to cripple the Xenos splinter fleet and slow their advance. Parut was abandoned and the advance of Hive Fleet Dagon is being slowed and fought wherever possible with all available forces. Kill Team Epsilon returned to Watch Fortress Erioch for time to recover, train and meditate upon their experiences.


The next post will be upon the new structure of Kill Team Epsilon, the Inquisitor and her Retinue, any hangers on and characters important to the Kill Teams command sructure.

Sometime after to follow on from that I plan to do an article upon starting your own Deathwatch Campaign.


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