Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Want To Play Deathwatch?

OK cool. Go for it.
Well that one was easy....
.... Fine.


Deathwatch much like the other D10 systems from Fantasy Flight, BUT, you get to be a Space Marine. Pretty cool huh.

The players create and play as a Space Marine who has been seconded to the Deathwatch, to form a Kill Team. The Kill Team gets thrown into a lot of 'shit has hit the fan' situations and have to get in there and sort it out. Their missions come down from the Watch Captains and the Ordo Xenos who oversee the Kill Teams, giving the GM a bounty of opportunities to screw over* the kill team.

Deathwatch is a fairly solid system and is supported by Fantasy Flight in the forms of supplements and a living errata. It's system works well and despite all your players being Space Marines there is enough scope for personalisation of a character. Chapter, Specialisation and personality all help to 'flavour' the character to your liking.

*By screw over i mean create an enjoyable player experience.

To Play

To play Deathwatch you will obviously need the basic equipment; core rulebook, additional supplements, character sheets, pencils, rubbers, additional note paper, D10's.
You will of course also need players. For the Deathwatch experience i would say you need at least 4 geeks to pretend to be Space Marines :) .

Time. Vital to any RPG. You want to have probably at least 3-4 hours game time each time you sit down to play, otherwise you will feel you are getting nowhere. The GM should take this into consideration and attempt to tailor the missions to fit into the time constraints.

Food and drink. 7 guys around a table for 8 hours... they eat and they drink.

The hardest part of any RPG; Finding a decent GM. He will write your adventures, control the bad guys, veto certain player choices or advances and ultimately control the game (if you are not careful though the GM will also control your soul as you suck up to him so you can get your way in the fictionally world in your head... it's awesome). This guy has to put in the effort.

A Note On Players

Getting a group together consistently to play can be hard work, but you must still make sure that those people get along for the most part. People can play RPG's for different reasons. Some see it as a competitive game and must be the best, having the best abilities and weapons available. Some see it as a chance to role play a carefully thought out character, flaws and all. And most people just think it'd be pretty cool to be a Space Marine and kick Termagaunts heads off.

My point is players may view how the game should be played differently to you. Sure try and fit everybody in, but don't pander to their every want. Say yes to in game things they want to try and do because they are cool. But don't always say yes to abilities and equipment the player wants, but doesn't have access to, just because they want their character to be 'better' than everyone else's.

At the end of the day Deathwatch is an RPG. Have fun with it, use your imagination and don't be a dick.

So Whats Next?

You've got your stuff, you're players, sorted out when and where.

It falls to the GM to write the missions, the briefings, do all he can to set the scene for the world the players will be in. He should supervise and go through character creation with the players and make sure he is happy with his players characters. In understanding their background, missions can be created that will touch a nerve with the character.

Learn the rules. Everyone should try and learn the rules. Players should learn the basic rules and then learn everything they can about their character, their abilities, what they can and can't do, because nobody will know what every single skill or talent does. Help out the GM by understanding your character exactly.

Have Fun

Play games, have a laugh, develop as a kill team and let me know how it's going ;)

Other Stuff I'm Doing

Interested or not, I'll tell you :D

So I am now going to the 40K Throne OF Skulls on the 15-16th of October as a friend has dropped out. I pretty much have 2 armies i could take with little work required, my Raven Guard or my Iron Hands. I think I'll be going with my Raven Guard as I want to take my time on polishing of my Iron Hands.

So last night. When i should of been doing a number of things; working on this post, writing some Deathwatch missions, or finishing off a couple of Land Speeders for GT. I decided to paint some tester models for some Tau that have been sitting un built and unpainted for some time now and for Pre-Heresy Death Guard. Don't you just love distractions :)

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