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Watch Fortress Erioch

The Watch Fortress

Watch Fortress Erioch. Located in the Jericho Reach sector.

This Watch Fortress is the main base of operations for the Ordo Xenos within the Jericho Reach. Holding relics, equipment, medicae facilities, armouries, training grounds, live Xenos specimens and a variety of ancient evils. So everything a Space Marine could need really.

Within Deathwatch having a Watch Fortress gives your Kill Team a 'home'. A place to train and reflect within relative safety*. It can act as a staging ground between major missions and campaigns, allowing characters to upgrade and spend XP in major ways, be awarded medals or marks of distinction and seek advise from the oldest and wisest members of the order.

* Relative because as with most areas of the 41st millennium, the Jericho Reach sectors fringes are under assault on all sides by Tau, Tyranids, Orks, Chaos and all manner of other beasties.

Kill Team Epsilon

Kill Team Epsilon currently consists of 6 Battle Brothers. Covering all 6 base specialities across a variety of Chapters.

In game terms most of the Battle Brothers are rank 3 (the ranks run from 1 to 8, with advanced specialities being able to take at rank 4, 5 for an Epistolary) and are at the 'Distinguished' level of Renown, meaning they are able to take some advanced war gear but weapons some weapons, especially those of great artifice are still out of their grasp.

Brother Ricimer

Black Shield. Apothecary.
Practical with his trained Medicae skills Brother Ricimer will as likely deliver the 'Emperors Mercy' as treat their injuries if it is what he perceives to be the best course of action. With his Bolter, array of toxins, poisons and his unknown past Ricimer is one to watch.

Brother Claton

Death Paladin, Blood Angel successor. Librarian.
A hot blooded warrior and powerful psyker who still suffers from the curse of his progenitor Chapter. His main weapons being his Force Sword and cleansing psychic flame. 'Burn first ask questions later' may well be his motto.

Brother Magron

Raven Guard. Tactical Marine.
A surprisingly charismatic leader given the demeanor of most Brothers from the Raven Guard. Magron reads situations with tactical expertise, most of the time through his rifle scope as he is a crack shot and as such recently acquired a 'Marksman's Lanyard' along with a gene coded Needle Rifle.

Brother Mortis

Night Reaper, Ultramarine successor. Techmarine.
Highly analytical and little concerned with the needs of mortals, Brother Mortis is most pleased when he is left to unravel technology new to him. He harbours a somewhat fanatical obsession to replace his 'weaker' flesh with augmetics. With his Servo Arm and Storm Bolter he is also a force to be reckoned with.

Brother Korvan

Raven Guard. Assault Marine.
With lightning fast reflexes and his aptitude for battle Brother Korvan is a whirlwind of death. Jump Pack flaring and Power Sword glowing he can cut a great path through the enemy. His downfall may be his lack of analysis.

Brother Marcus

Steel Wings, Ultramarine successor. Devastator.
A stoic presence within the Kill Team. What little he does say is usually worth listening to. A firm believer in protecting the innocent and can be found at odds with some of the more 'reckless' members of the Kill Team. His newly acquired Plasma Cannon coupled with his innate accuracy will be sure to slay many.


Epsilon contains a mix of personalities, abilities and play styles. Making the team diverse and capable of handling most mission objectives, whilst having the flavour of contrasting personalities.

And the most important thing about Deathwatch..... (Aside form the GM of course, because that guy is awesome) The players. Bringing the characters to life, role playing their personalities. The bonds and the differences. Observing as a GM I see time where Epsilon and their respective players gel as a team and play flawlessly, and the other occasions where a simple decision may be over analysed and cause a rift as to the best cause of action (causing bickering and even the odd warning shot in game).

As we like to joke 'Kill Team Epsilon may not be the most subtle team in the Ordo Xenos, but they get shit done'.

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